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How to increase website traffic beyond SEO

The advent of digital marketing has worked wonders to drive traffic to your website. There has been a change in how marketers view their website. It is now the primary source of leads and forms a significant part of the customer journey. We all know about optimising the website to ensure search engine rank you higher up for specific keywords. This requires your team to know about SEO, else your site may be penalised by the search engines. Again, hiring a consultant will increase the burden on your already meagre finances. The stakes are high! You cannot afford to lose out on website traffic.

Moreover, putting all your eggs in the SEO basket is too risky.

“There are various other ways and means to drive traffic to your website. ”

Let us discuss some of these in this article.

Create content that engrosses the reader

Content marketing should always form a significant portion of your digital marketing strategy. Engrossing content helps you in many ways. First, you can advertise your branding message to the world. Absolutely free of cost. Use social media in your content marketing.

You can request your marketing team to be in touch with influencers and invite them to produce content for your website. More and more companies are using influencers in their pitch. Invite eminent bloggers to write blogs for you.

You will need to produce content on a variety of aspects along the buying cycle. Keep yourself updated about the significant changes in your industry. Be the first mover and use this information to create exciting content.

You need not limit yourself to blogs and articles only. Create videos and upload them onto the video sharing media like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Do keep in mind that your videos need to address the pain points across the buying cycle. Keep the videos short and simple and do not forget to include a call-to-action.

Participate actively in social media

Of late, social media marketing is in vogue. However, most marketers confine themselves to periodically posting on social media. There is more to mere posting on social media. While this is the best practice, you need to participate in discussions also. Research on the relevant hashtags and participate in discussions. Join groups. You can even create groups with your prospects and customers. Request them to invite their friends and family. Start a meaningful conversation. You will be astonished seeing the number of ideas these discussions can generate.

Email Marketing still helps grow traffic

Some of the traditional forms of marketing bring in many leads. Email marketing can be a powerful tool if we consider the best practices to grow organic traffic. To start with, create an email database. Never buy one. A third-party email database is bound to have numerous bounces. It reflects poorly on your email domain, and it may be blocked. Prominent email marketing software like MailChimp, SendInBlue and SendGrid block your subscription if the number of bounces exceeds a threshold.

Encourage your recipients to respond. Use name tags and have a favourite subject to ensure your recipient is reading the email. Your emails need to be personalised. To achieve this, you should segment your email list.

Enlist on online directories

Another way to increase website traffic is to enlist your website to online directories like Capterra, Software Suggest and Software Advice. These websites have a healthy footfall, which, in turn, can increase the visitors to your site. After creating a profile, you need to request your clients to publish reviews about your product. These reviews will act as testimonials for your prospects.

Next, reach out to the industry associations in your region. You can also reach out to the chambers of commerce and enlist your business. You will be able to attend relevant seminars and conferences where you can meet new prospects.

Social media ads can open the floodgates to drive traffic

Online advertising forms an integral portion of all business strategies. Online advertising can bring in thousands of leads if handled correctly. There are different avenues – paid search, display search, and social media ads.

To start with, finalise the goals of your advertising efforts.

Do you want to increase website traffic?

Do you want to enhance brand awareness?

Based on your goals, formulate an advertising digital strategy. You need to find out the target market and buyer persona. In all probability, you have a shoestring budget. Keeping this in mind, you need to strategise which all media you would like to advertise in order to drive traffic to your website.

You can also find out why your competitors’ ads show up. You need to get hold of social media snooping tools. These tools will help you understand the underlying reason why an ad gets shown in the newsfeed of a user.


You should be trying a myriad number of ways to ensure a steady flow of visitors to increase website traffic. Social media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing mix it all up. Though you may well be familiar with these digital strategies, you may as well use this article to brush up your knowledge. In the real sense, your digital marketing strategy should include all these separate strategies along with SEO rolled into one. You need to use KPIs to find out the RoI. Accordingly, you need to allocate resources to different digital marketing strategies. If you need to speak to one of our digital marketing expert contact us today

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